Play the Game: Job tests

Play the Game: Job tests

Play the Game
This feature looks at the kinds of tests (like personality and psychometric tests), challenges and games that some employers pose to interviewees during the hiring process. It was written in March 2017 for ‘Postgraduate Futures’ magazine published by Refraction Media.

Prepare to undergo personality tests, scenarios, and virtual challenges to get the best jobs with the most forward-thinking companies.



Feature article: Smartphone apps raid doctor’s data

Feature article: Smartphone apps raid doctor’s data

This feature article by Fran Molloy published on 31 October 2011 for the Australian medical newspaper Medical Observer, investigates claims that some smartphone apps that are promoted to doctors and health professionals can allow pharmaceutical companies to harvest doctors’ usage data for market research and to promote sponsored ‘health information.’

From ‘Medical Observer’ magazine online

This article (full version requires a subscription) includes interviews with key Australian sources about the risks to data integrity built into the use of some medical apps.

Fran has written many feature and news articles for Medical Observer, a weekly health newspaper with a readership of over 22,000 health professionals which goes to over 90 percent of Australian General Practitioners.

Copywriting: General Practice Registrar’s Association

Between 2009 and 2011, Fran was engaged by the General Practice Registrar’s Association (GPRA) to interview and write profiles about over fifty working GPs for six issues of the GPRA’s highly successful glossy magazine, ‘Going Places.’

'Going Places' cover

Released three times a year to around 6,000 junior doctors and medical students, the magazine was a successful part of the
GPRA strategy and marketed as an engaging and entertaining read which was informative and show-cased the careers of a huge variety of doctors and registrars working in General Practice.

Freelance journalist article: The end of Search Engine Optimisation?

This is a feature article written for the September 2009 issue of internet business mag NETT magazine.

NETT magazine online: The End of SEO?

NETT magazine online: The End of SEO?

As search engines begin to understand meaning and context – the web as we know it will change. In this article, I’ve spoken to some key experts about where search engine optimisation might go if the time-honoured technique of stuffing a page full of keywords no longer works.

(Reprint rights are not available for this story, however please contact us if you’d like an article about SEO written for your own publication.)