ultraverse offers a complete design and writing service for your business.

We help you effectively communicate your strengths to your customers and enhance your professional reputation.

We are proven media professionals with extensive experience across mainstream print, radio, television and online media.

Call on our skills in:

  • professional graphic art and design
  • writing, editing and proof-reading
  • web design, written and multimedia content
  • website hosting, programming and maintenance
  • photography and digital imaging
  • industrial design and architectural signage
  • marketing and promotions

At ultraverse, we know how important first impressions can be.

Professional presentation and clear information about your products and services will give your customers confidence in your business.

You are the experts in your business. We’ll listen to you and design to your specifications. We aim to communicate your philosophy to the outside world clearly and effectively.

We’re small – and that works to our customers’ advantage. We don’t have huge overheads or expensive staff to maintain; so we quote our customers for top-quality work with a fast turnaround. We control our own workload and so our work is always on time, and on budget.

We’re also very experienced. Many years of working with small business, large business and government have given us an understanding of the real world.

Our experience and our small size is enhanced by our excellent network of some of the best professionals in the business, and we call on these experts when necessary.

The principal partners of ultraverse are:

Fran Molloy

Journalist and copywriter, Fran’s media experience includes work as a radio producer, (2GB, 2SER), website producer and sub-editor (Reportage, Pacific Journalism Online, UTS), editor, (various, including Pacific Journalism Review), researcher / producer (ABC Asia-Pacific Television) and reporter (Fairfax). She moderates the popular freelancers forum, Freeline, and has been a freelance journalist for the last ten years, writing for the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and SunHerald (see Fairfax stories ), the ABC Online (links here) and a wide range of magazines.

She has taught journalism at the University of Technology, Sydney, the Australian College of Journalism, the University of NSW and Southern Cross, Lismore. She is the former manager of the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism. Fran studied photography in London and has postgraduate qualifications in journalism. She has written two books, Careers in Journalism, (published by John Wiley and Sons in August 2004) and Extreme Careers (published by CareerFAQs in 2006). She has contributed food reviews to both the SMH Good Pub Food Guide and the SMH Everyday Eats guidebooks in 2011 and 2012 and to Eating Out with Kids, (Rockpool, 2009).

Fran can write about the key points of your business in a clear and accessible way – and re-write technical material to make it more easily understandable. Before working as a journalist, Fran spent a number of years in corporate IT, human resources, sales and technical writing and has worked as a librarian, researcher, waitress, bar attendant, retailer and conference organiser.

Brendan Fitzpatrick

Communications consultant, graphic artist, designer, programmer and photographer, Brendan’s career history includes many years in television production, mainly with SBS, where he was the Production Manager of News and Current Affairs. As the Creative Director of Hedgehog-Bridge Media for four years, Brendan developed internet marketing strategies and corporate communications in the mid-90’s for large and small organisations.

More recently, he has worked in creating and developing corporate identities for individuals, businesses and organisations.  He is an expert in the areas of industrial design, architectural signage and print management as well as a teacher of communications design. Brendan’s design approach is flexible – from precision industrial design, to classic / formal creations, to funky new stuff. He listens to his customers and translates their wants into something tangible.

Brendan has also worked as a freelance writer and editor, employment counsellor, chef, musician / composer, sound engineer, cameraman and has even presented his own radio programme. He would like to build a guitar someday.