Consumer health-care giant Kimberly-Clark commissioned me to write a series of SEO-optimised articles about conception, pregnancy, birth, and parenting for their Huggies parenting website.

I’m a mum of four and was delighted to write parenting articles for Huggies, who have put together a parenting website that tops most competitors in this hotly-contested space.

Despite the masses of information available to parents these days, there’s still new health research and new ways of tackling old problems that keeps this area a topical one with a large audience of keen readers.

I’ve been a freelance feature writer for Practical Parenting magazine for about five years now and have also written about parenting for The Age, the Sydney Morning Herald, the ABC and a wide range of magazines, and I’m always finding new angles and interesting relevant information – I never tire of this topic!

Dozens of articles were written for the site in 2008 and 2009 on topics selected by the Huggies brand manager based on extensive research by the company.
Parenting articles by Fran Molloy

Copywriting included liaison with search-engine analysts, brand management and other key staff as well as independent research to determine appropriate statistics and the latest appropriate health information.